Rare Vagrant


A total of seven individuals have been recorded.


1986; One was at the Camel Estuary on Oct 16th and 17th, noted mainly in the Dinham Flats area.

1976; A single bird was at Stithian's Reservoir on July 4th.

1973; At, Hayle Kimbo Pool, one  was present May 29th to 30th.
1970; One was at Crowan Reservoirs on July 22nd.
1954; On 16th April a dead bird was found on the cliff-top between Lamorna and Mousehole; its skeleton was presented to the British Museum.
1874; On the 9th June Rodd saw a specimen killed a few days before by a boy coot-shooting on a pool on Lizard Downs.
1811; One was shot near Truro in September is the second British record.




No pattern emerges from these sightings. Extreme dates are 16th April 1954 and 16th October 1986.


No site has held more than one bird.



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