1968 TO 2003


The Red-backed Shrike is a scarce passage migrant in Cornwall, with most records coming from the coast in the autumn.



Porthgwarra is the top site for this species with 22 birds being recorded, the next highest total of five has been recorded at Kynance Cove, Morwenstow, Nanquidno Valley and Caerthillian Cove.



Once a breeding species with the last know breeding being at Morwenstow, (near the Devon border), in 1972, also bred at Kea in 1968. A few birds were noted on Bodmin Moor during the breeding season in the 1970's, but breeding was not proven.



A total of 113 birds have been recorded in this period, with extreme dates of 12th May 1986 and 11th November 1996.



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