Exceptionally Rare Vagrant


A total of four individuals have been record in Cornwall, all are listed below;


1998; One flew into Carlyon Bay February 19th. The bird was probably present in the area until June 2nd, but the only accepted records of it after its arrival was at Porthpean on April 6th and off Charlestown on April 9th.
1988; One in St Ives Bay, February 8th to at least the 22nd.
1985; One picked up at Sennen Cove on February 19th, was taken to Mousehole Bird Hospital were it died on March 1st.
1967; One in Mount's Bay, April 11th to 19th.


The top month for arrivals is February when three of the four individuals were first sighted.



Extreme dates are February 8th 1988 and April 11th 1967. Interestingly the two other records were first seen on the same day February 19th.



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